Free online training to grow your technical knowledge as you practice social distancing

Social distancing is the new reality for all Canadians. And as a result, we’re all looking for ways to stay occupied and feel productive. I mean there’s only so much streaming we can do, right?! So now is a great time to develop or enhance a technical skill.

The following is a list of online learning resources available to help boost your technical and soft skills in and out of the workplace.

Use your library card to access free online training, courses, books, and audiobooks.

Local public library websites are a great resource for free e-learning content. For example, the Toronto Public Library or Ottawa Public Library offer library card holders free access to (aka LinkedIn Learning). has thousands of online videos available on topics ranging from software and website development, to network administration and even soft skills (i.e. communication and presentation skills).

In addition to, use your library card with Libby, an app designed to access thousands of e-books and audiobooks without having to go into the library itself.

Visit your local library’s website to see what online resources are available to you.

Learn coding

Even if you are not a developer, learning the basics of coding helps enhance your awareness of website creation and development, communication with tech-savvy individuals, and enhances your problem-solving skills by understanding the logic behind coding.

The following free websites are available to help you build and enhance your coding knowledge, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript, jQuery, and Python:

Google’s Digital Garage & Google Analytics Academy

Google’s Digital Garage contains free courses to learn and enhance your skills in data and tech, digital marketing, and career development. Google Analytics Academy is also a great resource to help grow your business your data collection and analysis.

Learn a New Language

Aside from technical skills, learning a new language can help us connect with new people and cultures. It deepens relationships and gives us a competitive advantage at work. Enhance your language skills by using one of the following sites or iOS/Android applications:


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are courses developed from universities, colleges, or other educational institutions as a mean of developing skills online. MOOC course materials (e.g. video lectures, discussions, etc.) are typically free, but certain features, such as graded assignments, certificates, and mentorship, may require payment.

Example free courses include:

Popular MOOC platforms include: